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Programmatic TV advertising is now available for businesses in San Antonio, Texas. This means that if you have a business in San Antonio, you can now broadcast your TV ad specifically to people within San Antonio, but not only that… You can also broadcast your ad only to prospects that are interested in your service or products. This means that the ad cost is going to dramatically lower than conventional TV advertising because you will be targeting a specific audience with an achievable focus on generating a highly profitable ROI.

Ranwell Productions is a leading Programmatic TV advertising agency offering this service in San Antonio. We are well positioned to provide any or all of the following services: –

  • Ad Creation
  • Ad Filming
  • Ad Optimization To Your Targeted Demographics
  • Ad Placement & Broadcast

What Is Programmatic TV Advertising

Programmatic TV advertising is an automated process for buying TV ads. This means that TV ads can be digitally and automatically placed across any device that can receive digital TV. This includes mobile devices, laptop and desktop computers as well as internet connected TV’s and set-top boxes.

How Programmatic TV Advertising Works In San Antonio

San Antonio is now 100% integrated across a broad infrastructure to broadcast and receive highly targeted TV advertising to a specific tailored / targeted audience.

The TV ads are placed using artificial intelligence algorithmic technology. This technology identifies prospect behavior and interests via DSP’s (demand side platforms). The DSP’s collect highly targeted data and demographic information from connected website cookie data. The DSP’s provide huge volumes of highly relevant data that gets processed by an SSP (supply side platform) which analyzes the data provided.

How Ranwell Productions Deliver The Most Effective TV Advertising

We are fed the analyzed data provided by the SSP and our system then processes the demographics and ad requirements that are specific to your business. We then tailor your ad campaign so that it is matched to your specific audience.

Once this criteria is in place and your TV ad is ready run, you can then place a bid for your ad to run from your own dashboard on our Programmatic TV Advertising platform. Your bid will then be in with any other businesses that are bidding for the same / similar demographics (if there are other businesses bidding in your space). The winning bid then gets their TV ad broadcast to their targeted audience.

How programmatic TV advertising works in San Antonio

Example Of How It Works

Let us say that a couple are expecting a baby. Their internet activity will tell the data sources about this. For example, the couple will search for baby related information and products, and they will post on social networks. This information is collected via the Programmatic TV Advertising algorithm with would then be in a position to deliver ads based on this information.

Let us say that a baby cloths and equipment store in San Antonio advertised with our service on the Programmatic TV network. This stores TV ad would then be broadcast on the TV across San Antonio and be run multiple times on the couples TV.

The ad would be broadcast to anyone else in the San Antonio region with a similar online behavior / interest profile. Obviously, the ad would be seen by a much smaller audience that a typical national TV ad. However, the ad would be very highly targeted, which means the ad spend would have a much greater ROI (return on investment) potential

Scale Your TV Ads

You can set your TV ad up and work with a small budget initially so that you can determine the ad performance. You can then tweak the ad or demographic if necessary to aim to get an even greater performance and ROI. Once you have determined and proven a winning ad and criteria, you can then scale the ad and increase your revenue and reach accordingly.

View Your Stats & Data

We provide you with a detailed reporting back end dashboard that enables you to see how the ad is performing and the number of people that have seen your ad. You can also see your specific demographic data and ad criteria.

Benefits Of Programmatic TV Advertising For Businesses In San Antonio

Programmatic TV Advertising is the future of local & national business advertising. There are a few amazing benefits for your business with this form of advertising: –

Show Your Ad Only To People Who Are Interested

Conventional TV ads show the ads to everyone. This is costly because of the reach. Conventional TV advertising broadcasts the ad to millions of people. Most of those people that are not at all interested in that brand, service or product. Programmatic TV Advertising on the other hand broadcasts to highly targeted individuals which means you can target far fewer people and get a much greater ROI

Lower Ad Spend & Greater ROI

As you are broadcasting to a much smaller audience, your ad spend will be dramatically lower. Imagine there are 100 people and 1% of those people are interested in your product or service. With Programmatic TV Advertising, you would just be paying for the 1 person as opposed to conventional advertising where you will be paying for 100 people where 99 of those people will never buy their products or services. Lower ad spend and higher take in equals a far greater ROI potential


Imagine getting your initial campaign up and running where you are making 3X return on ad spend on just a tester budget. With our Programmatic TV Advertising platform, you can scale up as much as you want. If you were targeting 100 viewers per day for example and you were making 3X ROI, you could then scale to 1,000 or 10,000 for example. That would make a significant impact on your business turnover and profits.

You Are In Complete Control

At any time, you can pause, stop or scale your ad campaign or alter any demographic data within your campaign. This means that if you have full control, you can see where you are going as opposed with blind advertising that you get with conventional TV advertising

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