Programmatic Radio Advertising is the Future

Smart business owners understand that the key to increasing profits and growing their enterprises is to always be looking for new ways to attract more customers. With so many marketing tactics to choose from, there’s no doubt that a seasoned businessperson has tried different methods to increase their client pool.

However, there is one profitable marketing tactic that many business owners tend to overlook, and it could be the key to growing their profits to a significant degree. Programmatic radio advertising is taking the marketing world by storm, getting the results that users sorely need through an often neglected public outreach channel.

But how does radio advertising work? What is programmatic audio, and how does it attract new clients to businesses who use it? Learn all about the importance of radio advertising

and how you can take advantage of this ingenious marketing method to increase revenue for your enterprise.

Does Radio Advertising Really Work?

Thanks to the benefits of programmatic advertising, marketing through radio broadcasts is more profitable than ever. Programmatic advertising is when media channels use advanced technological software to purchase ads to run on their networks automatically. It has all kinds of benefits, including but not limited to increased relevance, protection against fraud, and higher rates of engagement.

As more and more large companies and small businesses alike learn of the immense advantages that audio advertising can offer, it’s no wonder this marketing method is quickly becoming the wave of the future.

Do People Still Listen to the Radio?

Nowadays, people typically think of the radio as an old-fashioned way to consume media. But in reality, it’s just as popular as it ever was. It’s incredibly common for people to listen to radio broadcasts during their morning commutes, making it the perfect marketing channel.

Additionally, radio as an industry has evolved with the changing times. With modern changes, such as the advent of Internet radio, there are more and more platforms for consumers to listen to digital audio and more places for them to hear relevant ads.

iHeartRadio is very popular among contemporary listeners. SiriusXM draws in huge audiences as well. Platforms like these and other online tools like Pandora Internet radio allow listeners to customize their experience, which certainly draws in substantial crowds who are just waiting to hear your audio advertisements.

Advertising Through Non-Traditional Audio Programing

Of course, radio broadcasts aren’t the only platform modern listeners use to engage with aural media. Nowadays, digital audio is a large medium, with new genres being created every day.

One of the most popular new formats allowing users to consume audio content is the podcast. Podcasts are like independent radio shows, where hosts can entertain listeners with speeches and conversations about any topic under the sun. Listeners love the ability to pick a podcast that caters to their interests rather than being stuck listening to whatever is being played on a radio station for mass audiences.

Like any other media project, podcast creators need sponsors to support their work, so they’re the perfect platform to use for audio advertising.

A Financially Smart Move for Businesses

With programmatic audio advertising, there are no hidden fees or extra costs. While traditional ad platforms make you pay fees through multiple intermediaries, but our programmatic audio platform is far more direct and transparent. That way, you can always choose the perfect advertising plan for your budget and get even more return for your marketing investment. It’s a more innovative way to promote your business than many other marketing tactics currently popular among business owners.  

An Easy Way to Prioritize Brand Safety

Many advertisers these days are concerned about the concept of brand safety. This marketing practice seeks to regulate the content that appears alongside specific ads. By ensuring that their advertisements are kept away from objectionable content, brands can protect their image and avoid inadvertent controversies.

Using programmatic advertising is a great way to guard against unsafe brand environments. Managers for these programs are already concerned with this topic and will make sure your ads don’t end up being played alongside content that could negatively affect the public’s perception of your brand.

Protect Your Marketing Investments Against Fraud

When using other popular advertising methods, you are putting yourself at risk for wasting ad rolls on bots and other means of fraudulent engagement. Luckily, programmatic advertising uses various measures to protect against this. By opting to market your business through one of these programs, you won’t have to worry about wasting ad rolls on entities that won’t engage with them.

Take Advantage of Cutting-Edge Technology

Recent advances in digital technology make it even easier to market your product or services more efficiently than ever before. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, programs can quickly detect which ads to market to which users, and software programs can accurately predict the performance of a planned advertising campaign.

Increase Ad Relevance to Reach More Interested Listeners

Programmatic radio advertising campaigns are structured to be as efficient as possible, including making the best effort to ensure listeners will engage with ads. By collecting data from relevant sources, programs can easily decide which ads are appropriate to show to specific users to maximize consumer engagement potential.

Why Ranwell Productions?

At Ranwell Productions, we firmly believe that programmatic radio advertising is the future, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing effective advertising services to all of our clients. With our program, your ad can be run on over 1,500 different podcasts and radio stations, reaching mass audiences and increasing the probability of engagement.

Plus, our artificial intelligence technology is known for making smart decisions regarding ad distribution via audio advertising. Training and full reporting are available to interested parties who wish to learn more.

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Whenever you’re ready to take the next step towards drawing in more clients and earning more profits for your business, Ranwell Productions is here to help with your radio advertising. Call in to speak to a representative or fill out the Contact Us form on our website right now for more information about this fantastic opportunity in programmatic radio advertising.

Advantages of Programmatic radio Advertising | Ranwell Productions

If you want to take your advertisement to the next level, programmatic radio advertising is the future for your business. Learn more about how it can help your business, and call Ranwell Productions to get started.

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