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Introducing our laser targeted Programmatic Radio Advertising service where we provide you with THE most profitable way to advertise your business in San Antonio to enable you to get more leads with less ad spend and an amazing ROI (return on investment)

One of the biggest wastes when it comes to advertising is having to put your advert in front of millions of people who either aren’t interested or aren’t a member of your target audience. This can be both costly and time consuming and the shotgun approach makes it more difficult to make a return on your investment.

However, in San Antonio, Texas, this problem has finally been solved! Programmatic Radio Advertising now means that you can broadcast radio ads specifically to people in any San Antonio neighborhood. You’ll be able to pull in customers that are relevant to your local business area and target your ad more effectively to your target audience by placing it in the schedule alongside programs that are related to your audience’s interests. This makes your ads more cost effective and you’re sure to see a better return on investment.

Ranwell Productions is a leading Programmatic Radio advertising agency giving businesses in the San Antonio area the opportunity to make the most of their advertising. We specialize in:

  • Advert Creation
  • Advert Recording
  • Advert Optimization
  • Advert Targeting
  • And Advert Placement & Broadcasting

Programmatic Radio Advertising – What does it Mean?

Programmatic Radio advertising allows your ads to be digitally placed across any device that has the ability to receive a radio signal. It’s an automated process to quickly and easy add your adverts to mobile devices, laptops, internet radios and desktop computers simultaneously to reach out to your target audience.

How Does Programmatic Radio Advertising Work in San Antonio?

San Antonio is now equipped to broadcast targeted radio advertisements, allowing local businesses to tailor their ads and reach out to their specific target audience in the local area. This should increase a company’s profitable customer base while spending less.

Ranwell Productions uses artificial intelligence and the most up-to-date algorithmic technology to identify the behaviors and interests of users across multiple DSPs (demand side platforms). This way, the target demographic across specific platforms can be identified using cookie data and website click through’s. The intelligent supply side of the platform automatically collects and analyzes huge volumes of relevant data to provide accurate information on the best individuals to deliver your ads to in order to get the best ROI.

Ranwell Productions: The Most Effective Radio Advertising For Businesses In San Antonio

Our sophisticated systems piece together accurate demographics and recommend the exact requirements that would be most beneficial to your business. We can help tailor your ad campaign to ensure it reaches your specific target audience and brings those new customers through your doors.

Initially, we’ll discuss your exact business criteria and assess your perfect customer demographic. You’ll then have full access to your own interactive dashboard on the Programmatic Radio Advertising platform to create your ad and request a running slot at the optimum time to reach your audience.

Your bid for that space in the schedule will be placed in a pool alongside other ads from separate businesses who also require the same space to access a similar demographic of consumers. You’ll bid against the other businesses, allowing you to control how much (or how little) you wish to spend. This way, you’re never stuck with expensive ad space that your business can’t afford.

Radio Advertising Examples

The Programmatic Radio Advertising algorithm is designed to provide an accurate insight into the interests of the user based on their search history. This means that you can place selected advertisements in front of people that look at similar content, as you already know that’s what they’re interested in.

For example, someone wanting to buy a house will often search on social media platforms and websites for houses in the San Antonio area. This information is collected by the algorithm and the advertising space will be made available for businesses that sell houses, or potentially home improvement services. These types of businesses then know that they’re accessing a customer base who would be interested in their product.

Similarly, bridal stores or florists may want to access a target audience of people who are getting married in the near future. The Programmatic Radio network can search for individuals who have recently looked at wedding venues or dresses and broadcast ads across the radio stations in San Antonio that those couples are likely to listen to, harnessing everyone within the San Antonio area who displays similar behaviors and interests.

This means that the ad would reach a much smaller audience than a typical TV or radio ad, allowing you to advertise for a more affordable cost. However, you can also guarantee that the audience your ad reaches is more relevant to the service or product that you provide, giving you a better ROI.

Considering Scaling Up

This method of advertising allows you to scale up your ads gradually. You can start out with a small budget to test your demographic and will have full access to its performance stats. If it goes well you can increase your reach, or alternatively, try a different demographic altogether to understand its suitability. You only need to spend larger amounts of money when you’ve decided on the winning criteria.

Assessing Your Data

Our detailed reports enable you to monitor firsthand how your ad is performing and understand the number of people you’ve reached. You can then identify if your ad is successful, or if you need to make any changes.

Considering the Benefits of Programmatic Radio Advertising

Programmatic Radio Advertising is the future of local & national business advertising.

Displaying Your Advert to Your Target Audience

Conventional radio ads use a scattergun approach and don’t tailor to your specific target audience. This is costly because you are charged based on advert reach, but most people won’t be interested in your product. Programmatic Radio Advertising only broadcasts to people who are already interested in your product’s area, so your ad will be more effective even though it’s reaching fewer people.

Staying Cost-Effective – Increasing ROI

Your ad spend will decrease as you don’t need to market to as many people. That one person who is genuinely interested in your product may be worth more to your business than 100 random people that your ad could reach.

How to Scale Up

Our Programmatic Advertising platform allows you to access as many people as you like and scale up gradually based on your budget. This means you have full control over the impact of your advert on your finances and turnover.

Staying in Control

You have full autonomy to pause or scale up your ads at any time or alter your target demographic to ensure your advert is effective.


Skeeters Mesquite Grill

San Antonio testimonial for programmatic radio advertising

The Radio Ads Would Refer To Skeeters As The “Go-To” Local Based Restaurant For Mesquite Grill

The Radio Ads Alone Resulted In A 48% Increase In Sales Within The 1st Year

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