Advantages to Digital Billboard Advertising | Ranwell Productions 

If you want to take your advertisement to the next level, digital billboard advertising is the future for your business. Learn more about how it can help your business, and call Ranwell Productions when you’re ready to get started.  

Why Digital Billboards? 

Pop-up ads online are conveniently placed, and TV commercials are short and snappy, but many come and go without much thought. It’s bad business to throw money away on something that will go unnoticed if you could invest it elsewhere and get a return on that investment. What can you do to ensure consumers will not just notice but also remember your business? Consider digital billboards. To project your mission, digital billboards provide multiple advantages over online advertisements. 

Technology Makes it Simple 

With a lot of technology being labeled as smart, it’s no surprise outdoor digital billboards have evolved too. No longer are they just blown-up images you pass by; now, they can be interactive and memorable. From a billboard display that showcases your product to interactive challenges started by businesses, you can attract eyes to your brand.  

Innovative OOH (out of home) campaigns allow your business to use AI technology to engage with consumers. People naturally want to be a part of something, so provide them with that opportunity through digital advertising.  

Digital Advertising Indoors and Outdoors 

Modern outdoor advertising enables your business to create a shared experience for consumers, which will undoubtedly get them talking. The more engaging and entertaining your advertisement is, the more positive feedback you will receive. No longer do you have to put in all the work; allow the computer to work for you and with you in delivering an exceptional advertising experience. 

You can even take advantage of indoor digital billboards. These utilize space in shopping centers to share your advertisement as people pass. Placing it indoors ensures that consumers in the mindset to shop will see it and consider it. Use this type of billboard to generate attention uniquely and creatively. Indoor advertisements are perfect for being interactive, as people are in an enclosed space and easily approach the LED Billboard.  

Minimal Effort, Maximum Reward 

Your favorite TV commercial plays a few times a day, and you may catch it once or twice if you’re lucky. On the radio, you may hear the jingle on your commute, and then nothing for days. Whereas advertisements on TV or radio air for a short amount of time, a digital billboard is always active. 

Your business’s advertisement acts as a beacon for passersby who are bound to notice no matter what the weather. Eyes are naturally drawn to the large displays and bright lights. Daily exposure to your ad will make it stick in the minds of viewers all day, generating buzz for your business.  

Some campaigns can be paired with social media, sharing messages worldwide by displaying them on the LED Billboards and going through hundreds of messages a day. This form of advertising is a win-win for your business, as it allows the consumers to be a part of a large-scale project, and your business will gain plenty of PR. 

Advancements in AI 

Artificial intelligence enhances LED billboards through means like facial recognition. This allows interactive advertisements to gather data by recognizing a human face. Other digital billboards can detect the weather and temperature outside and recommend a refreshing beverage or a warm meal, depending on the circumstances. These personalized advertisements target your audience and show them what they want to see. 

Another technological advantage is that digital billboards can update in real-time, providing to-the-minute updates to deliver timely announcements and messages. Such tactics are a great way to stand out among a sea of advertisements and draw attention to your business. Time-sensitive messages can be conveniently updated according to current events, such as airing a new TV show. A countdown can be displayed to instill a sense of urgency.

Operating With Complete Control 

Advertising online or on TV allows you to have a fraction of the total space, and your advertisement must fit into specific guidelines. With an electronic billboard, you are granted complete control over that advertising space, allowing you to create a truly remarkable advertisement that will get people talking. Unlike traditional advertising media, you decide how long the ad runs, where it is placed, and how often it is viewed. 

With complete control, you can minimize losses by taking advantage of the benefits digital billboard advertising offers. You can update your advertisement as needed and maintain its relevancy throughout its run, however often it is necessary. Compare this to waiting for someone to change it for you or simply having to let it slide. 

Digital Billboard Advertising Is The Future 

Modern outdoor advertising goes beyond an annoying pop-up that people try to click away as fast as possible.  

On LED billboards, your advertisement will be present all day, every day for the duration of its run, and receive more recognition than a traditional billboard would. The innovative technology incorporated into the electronic billboard draws attention naturally and drums up business for those who invest in the media platform.  

Unlike LED billboards that can be updated in seconds, traditional billboards become outdated quickly, and the elements can cause damage to your advertisement. These are not fears you will have with digital billboard advertising, where your ad will be a constant presence in the space you select.  

Modern outdoor advertising technology updates faster than a traditional billboard can. Even the current news media is often a day behind with events thanks to smartphones and social media constantly updating new sources. Don’t let your business fall into the same rut when you can get ahead of your competitors.  

Choose Ranwell Productions for Your Digital Billboard Advertising 

Don’t let another opportunity pass you by when you could be generating business! Contact us now to discuss the best course of action for you and your business advertisements. Training and full reporting are available when you use our platform, meaning you will access the tools and knowledge necessary for your business to succeed. Take advantage of modern outdoor advertising and lead your business in the right direction. 

Advantages to Digital Billboard Advertising | Ranwell Productions 

If you want to take your advertisement to the next level, digital billboard advertising is the future for your business. Learn more about how it can help your business, and call Ranwell Productions to get started.

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