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Ranwell Productions is proud to bring you the very best in programmatic advertising for San Antonio businesses. With our laser targeted service, we are able to provide you THE most profitable way to advertise your business in San Antonio to enable you to get more leads with less ad spend and realize an amazing ROI (return on investment)

Advertising is an essential part of a successful business. It helps to bring in new customers to increase your conversion figures, place your new products in front of your existing customers and drive up your profits.

What Is Programmatic Advertising

Buying advertising space can often be one of the pain points of advertising. You need to find a space that captures your audience and work out whether the price of the space is still beneficial for you.

Programmatic advertising allows you to automate this process, gaining greater results from a single advert and saving you time and money too.

Programmatic advertising uses Demand-side Platforms (DSPs) which allow advertisers to place in their requirements for ad space. They can select a target audience and area or advertising method (such as online ads or digital billboard space). The platform will then use data gathered from devices owned by a potential customer base to select the best ad space for that particular business based on the number of relevant people that might view it.

Supply-side platforms also offer the opportunity for advertisers to put out their advertising space to potential buyers. If they have a space to fill, they can push out the space to relevant businesses that might be interested.

How Programmatic Advertising Works In San Antonio

Ranwell Productions - How Programmatic Advertising Works

Data management platforms make programmatic advertising possible by collecting and analysing data from users that enter websites in San Antonio.

If a website chooses to take part in programmatic advertising, the analytics for that website regarding the type of people who access it, the heaviest traffic times and the number of clicks based on user types will be stored and sent to a supply-side platform. This allows the supplier of the ad space on that website to determine the types of users that access the site at specific times. This can then be fed out to people on the demand-side who are looking for ad space targeted at that demographic.

What Programmatic Advertising Can Do For Your San Antonio Based Business

Programmatic advertising has a ton of benefits for everyone involved, making the search for advertising space faster and more profitable.

Finding Your Target Audience

If you use a programmatic advertising platform to find your advertising space in San Antonio, you’re guaranteed to access the the people that you know are interested in your product or service. You have the analytics that track the habits of those people using websites that offer similar services. This means that you’re likely to get a higher conversion rate and therefore, boost your profits.

Saving Time And Resource

Without programmatic advertising you would need to spend hours researching the right places to understand the best space for your advert to make the most sales. You may even need to hire a specific marketing executive within your business in order to make these decisions and get the right adverts out to the right people to ensure you make a profit.

However, programmatic advertising saves you the time and resource as the advertising space that’s most beneficial for you will simply be placed in front of you.


Aside from saving you on wages for a marketing exec with the know-how, programmatic advertising can save you a little extra money by using real-time bidding (RTB).

A real-time bidding platform allows the supply-side to push out free advertising space to potential interested advertisers. They are then able to bid on the space based on how much they’re willing to pay.

This means that you can get an accurate view of how valuable the space is. The more bidders there are, the higher value the space holds, just because it’s in higher demand. If you’re in a niche market, then there’s less likely to be a host of bidders, meaning you get your space for a steal.

However, if there are more bidders, you also have the opportunity to stop bidding when you feel the price is too high. Sure, you’ll lose out on the space, but you also won’t overspend. This is in contract to setting up advertising space meetings to agree a price face to face. In these situations, you often have no concept of the value of the space and can often be mis sold for a higher price just because you lack this knowledge.

Beneficial For The Seller

Developing good relationships and partnerships is what business is all about. Programmatic advertising using a RTB platform can also be beneficial to the person selling the advertising space, meaning that everybody wins.

With a bidding platform, the spaces with a higher value still go for more money because they have more businesses competing for the space. They also save time on sales meetings and reaching out to potential businesses. The businesses that need to advertise are simply dropped in their lap and pay a fair price with very little effort from the seller – it’s all automated.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Programmatic Advertising


How Can I Target Specific Audiences Using Programmatic Advertising?

The data management platforms incorporated into the programmatic advertising process collect data from people using the websites using their cookies. This means that the platform can track what kinds of websites that person is likely to look at, forming a demographic profile. Comparing the similarities between all these profiles will give each space a niche that everyone who visits that website might be interested in.

How Can I Measure My Programmatic Advertising Results?

Because you’re using an online platform, you can review the number of clicks and your conversion rate in real-time using the platform analytics. This means that you can be more reactive to problems and update your ad to attract more people if needed.

How Can Programmatic Advertising Extend My Reach?

Using programmatic advertising means that you can access all advertising space that’s available online and viewable in every country. Unlike traditional leaflets or billboard which focus on a specific area, you can target a global market with your products just by using a single ad space.

Does Programmatic Advertising Cost a Lot?

Programmatic advertising is relatively cheap depending on how you use it. You certainly save money on over-priced ad space and marketing professionals, which you can put back in to place a higher bid for more valuable ad space. The beauty of programmatic advertising is that you can spend as much or as little as you like.

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