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Programmatic TV Advertising allows businesses to broadcast their adverts directly to their target audience in a specific location. This means that Dallas based businesses can reach out to the people in their area who are likely to visit their business as they’re already interested in the products or services they offer. This increases the chances of making a sale.

Because Programmatic TV Advertising can target a specific area and broadcast only to those individuals, the cost of this marketing method is actually considerably lower than traditional marketing that is broadcast country wide. While the advert will reach fewer people, it will reach only the people that are likely to be interested in the products on offer, meaning it’s still likely to convert more people, driving up the return on investment.

Ranwell productions offers superior Programmatic TV advertising services throughout Dallas, with expertise in:

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What Is Programmatic TV Advertising

Programmatic TV advertising is the automated process of buying TV ad space which caters for your target audience specifically, rather than broadcasting to the whole of the U.S. This kind of advertising can also be utilized on mobiles, computers and basically anything with an internet connection.

The idea is to place your ad in front of the people that are interested in your products already to increase the chance of conversion.

How Programmatic TV Advertising Works

Dallas is now integrated into a broadcasting framework that allows businesses to be selective of when they broadcast their adverts and the audience that they broadcast to.

This is made possible using algorithms which recognize when ads are viewed and by using search history online to determine the types of people, their interests and hobbies when they view them.

It creates opportunities for businesses to see the most effective ad spaces for their target demographic depending on the number of views and the types of people viewing.

Businesses can also place their interests on a Demand Side Platform (DSP). This is a platform which encourages businesses to enter their requirements and ideals to find the perfect ad space. If they want to target people who have babies because they own a baby clothes boutique, then the DSP will find the best times and ad spaces to reach these people.

Similarly, a Supply Side Platform (SSP) will allow sellers of ad space to approach businesses with data based on what types of people their ad space usually attracts.

Interested businesses will then bid against each other for the chance to use this ad space. The highest bidder wins.

How Ranwell Productions Deliver The Most Effective TV Advertising

The SSP delivered information regarding the types of people that view each advert in each ad spot. This gives an idea of the demographics that watch adverts at certain times of day and gives us an idea of traffic quantities too. Ranwell can then take a look at your business and find the best ad space which is likely to reach the most people who might be interested in your products.

As soon as you have your ad ready to roll, we can start bidding on the most suitable ad spaces for you within your budget. All of the data and analytics appear on a dashboard real-time, so we know exactly how each ad space has performed recently to make an informed decision.

The bid will likely be against businesses with a similar target demographic. The more valuable spots will go for more money, as there will be more bidders. But it’s possible to secure a decent space without spending too much. Because this method increases the possibility that people will purchase in comparison to traditional advertising methods, even less valuable ad spaces could increase your conversion. You only need a few sales to make the whole thing worth it.

For this reason, it’s a great way for smaller businesses and start-ups to scale up gradually and gain traction.


How programmatic TV advertising works in San Antonio

Example Of How It Works

When someone is expecting a baby, their internet search history will show shopping in baby stores and browsing social media on baby pages. The cookies from their search history will then be used as data points to determine what sort of content they’d like to see. The information will be transported through the Programmatic TV Algorithm to help businesses who sell baby products determine when the best times are and where the best locations are to reach the people who will be interested.

The data from adverts that run in these slots will then subsequently be kept within the platform to show who saw the advert, creating a success matrix for ads of a specific type within that slot. That

means that future businesses could use this information to find out if their ad would be successful in future if they chose this slot creating more confidence in the investment.


Scale Your TV Ads

Your demographic can be adjusted at any time to ensure full coverage and maximum conversion. When you first begin, it’s likely that you’ll be working with a scaled down budget. However, as you gain more traction, you’ll be able to aim for the more valuable ad spaces which reach out to more people within your demographic. Because you can update the demographic via the online platform at any time, there’s no waiting around and no limit to the possibilities.

View Your Stats & Data

Ranwell Productions provides a full reporting pack to give you VIP access to all of your ad’s data. You’ll be able to see how many people have seen it and make changes real-time if you notice that something on your ad isn’t quite working out.

This data will also help you later on, as you can compare the success of your original ads to more recent one to see your progress and growth based on experience

Benefits Of Programmatic TV Advertising

Programmatic TV Advertising is the future of advertising and comes with a wealth of benefits for all businesses nationwide.

Show Your Ad Only To People Who Are Interested

Traditional advertising on the TV gets shown to everyone, no matter what their interests are or their location. This means that a lot of the people that view the ad won’t be interested. For example, if 100 viewed the ad, you’d be lucky if 5 of them were interested because the target audience is randomised. With Programmatic TV Advertising, you may reach 50 people, but those 50 have been specifically targeted because they’re interested in your field. Because of this 10 people might make a purchase, giving you a greater return on investment.

Lower Ad Spend & Greater ROI

Because your ad is tailored, it will usually reach less people than a randomised ad. However, these people are more valuable to you because they want what you have on offer. But, when it comes to

payment, it’s the traffic quantity that you pay for. So, an ad space with less traffic may be more valuable to your business, and also cost less, so you still adhere to your budget.


You’ll want to start off small, but because the ad space you’re aiming for is cheaper than traditional ad space and more valuable to you in terms of data, you’ll still make more money from smaller ads. As you gain traction and start to understand your customer segmentation methods in regard to location and timing, you’ll be able to purchase more expensive ad spaces which reach more people – but they’ll still be the right kind of people. So, it’s the best way to scale your business up.

You Are In Complete Control

Your campaign is what you make it. You have full control over any pauses stops and starts, so if you want to run it for a week, then have a break to mull over the results before you change the position, that’s entirely up to you. You can also pause an ad, make some changes and reissue it, all on an automated platform.

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