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Ranwell productions is proud to offer Dallas a Programmatic Advertising platform to help businesses deliver high quality and targeted advertising for a higher return on investment. Our data and analytics allow companies to reach out to the people that will convert to make a purchase, helping them to understand their target demographic and generate more leads for the future.

Outstanding advertising with eye-catching branding is essential for businesses to increase their annual turnover. Programmatic Advertising gives them the opportunity to hit new customers from the local area who are more likely to purchase, propelling the profits and increasing business growth.

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

One of the biggest issues when it comes to advertising is purchasing the right advertising space for the right price. Traditional advertising relies on ad spaces being random, and adverts are slotted into free spaces in the hope that reaching out to millions of people will at least convert a few.

However, Programmatic Advertising utilizes cookie data based on internet searches and radio recorded analytics. This data is then pulled together onto a dashboard to determine when adverts are accessed most across multiple channels and is used to build customer segmentation based on the search history of the people that access the adverts.

This means that businesses now know which advertising slots get the most traffic and which slots are filled with their target demographic. This allows the business to deliver an ad to people who are actually interested or who are in the local area, which means there’s more chance of conversion.

The process itself is automated too. So, businesses place their intended audience requirements in a Demand Side Platform (DSP). The platform will then alert them when a slot becomes available that suits their requirements, meaning it’s probably a good space to advertise their products and it’s going to be seen or heard by people who are interested already. Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) are similar, but the advertiser of the ad space can market their space for interested businesses based on the types of traffic they receive.

The business will then bid on the advertising space against other businesses who are interested. The highest bidding business wins and gets the space and the ad space seller gets the money. This allows sellers to get a fair price for their space and buyers to pull out if they think the price is too high, so they don’t go over budget.

It’s a great way to build up your business slowly, especially if it’s a start up or small business, as you’re completely in control of the money you spend and there’s no hidden costs.

How Programmatic Advertising Works In Dallas

Ranwell Productions - How Programmatic Advertising Works

Programmatic Advertising gathers data for cookies and other data sources across Dallas to understand the interests and hobbies of the people that live there. If a website offers to participate in providing the data, then as soon as you click on the site, your data and the previous sites you’ve been on will be sent to a Programmatic Advertising platform so future advertisers can understand what types of ads you want to see. This is why you accept the cookie message on websites.

For businesses, this is great news, as each click that you make helps to build a picture of the target audience that accesses that specific ad space. The supply side platforms can then find businesses who are likely to want this ad space based on their target demographic and, equally, businesses can search on a demand-side platform to find a space they think is suitable based on who has accessed recently and when they accessed.

What Programmatic Advertising Can Do For Your Dallas Based Business

Programmatic Advertising in Dallas has a ton of benefits for businesses and can really help with steady growth and a greater ROI than other advertising methods.

Finding Your Target Audience

Using Programmatic Advertising to search for your perfect ad space in Dallas will really help to boost your profits. This is because you can tailor your ad to suit the people that will be interested in your products, and you can set the ad to only be aired in Dallas.

People love purchasing from a local business and, with certain business areas, people won’t want to purchase without seeing the products first. Traditional advertising cannot approach a single area, meaning that you’d have to pay for a more expensive ad to reach more people across the whole of the U.S., but this might not have any more impact that a local ad, especially if your customers want to pop into your show room.

Tailoring to a local audience in Dallas means that you’ll only reach people who may want to come in and visit you. It’ll cost less in advertising as it’s a smaller group of people, but is likely to gain the same, if not more interest to boost your revenue.

Saving Time And Resource

Traditionally a marketing department might spend hours or even days looking for the perfect ad space. But actually, even this had no guarantees as it’s all just guesswork.

Programmatic Advertising removes the need for the research. All of the data is right there on the dashboard in front of you. You can see when people make purchases, when they access certain ad space and overall, how successful previous ads have been. This means you already have an idea of how well the ad will perform before you put it out into the world. No need for a large marketing department or hours of research, saving you time and money.


Real-time bidding also has a ton of benefits. Traditional advertising meant negotiating with the space seller with no prior knowledge of how well the space would do. This essentially meant that the seller could charge over the odds for the space, and you’d have no way of comparing it or showing how much the space was worth. This often meant that smaller businesses went over their budget to pay for space that actually isn’t very beneficial.

Real-time bidding means that the space is only as valuable as its performance. If the space has done really well previously and sees a lot of traffic, then more businesses will want to bid on it. Naturally, this means the price will be higher.

This way, the seller gets the right value for their spaces and the buyer can opt out of the bidding war whenever they like, so they don’t overspend.

Beneficial For The Seller

Programmatic Advertising also benefits the seller of advertising space. While before, they may have had to spend hours offering out ad space and having meetings to negotiate on pricing, now, these processes are automated. This saves the seller time and money too.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Programmatic Advertising

How Can I Target Specific Audiences Using Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising gathers information from individual’s devices using their cookies. All the data from these devices is then gathered together to determine who is accessing ad space at certain times of the day or week and helps to understand their areas of interest too and their physical location. It creates a way for businesses to understand the location, hobbies and viewing times of the people they want to reach.

How Can I Measure My Programmatic Advertising Results?

The great thing about Programmatic Advertising is that it becomes stronger and more beneficial for businesses, the more data it collects. You’ll be provided with a data dashboard to understand the times that people accessed your ad, the number of clicks before they reached it and the conversion rate vs. bounce rate. All the data collected allows you to understand how successful your ads are, so you can make tweaks and changes as you go.

How Can Programmatic Advertising Extend My Reach?

Programmatic Advertising is available across all radio transmittable devices. The internet is now accessible almost everywhere we go, meaning that your ads have the potential to reach a global audience rather than the more localised audiences which limited reach when using traditional advertising methods such as posters and leaflets. However, if it’s local Dallas audiences that you’re after, then you can tailor your ad to just them too.

Does Programmatic Advertising Cost a Lot?

That’s entirely up to you. If you’re a smaller business, or just starting out, then you might want to start your ads small and on a tighter budget. With Programmatic Advertising you can spend as much or as little as you like, gradually opting to go for more higher-profile ad spaces as you start to see your profits soar. If something isn’t guaranteed to work, you can opt out of the bidding whenever you like, so you know you won’t go over your planned budget

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U.S. Programmatic Advertising is growing rapidly, and the future of advertising is swiftly becoming dependant on these methods. Make sure you get ahead of the game and build your business using tailored ads and tried and tested methods.

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