Programmatic TV Advertising is a method which gives businesses the opportunity to broadcast their TV adverts specifically to the people that they feel will be interested in their products or to people in the immediate vicinity to encourage an actual visit to their stores. Targeting the people that are most likely to like the products on offer will increase conversion rates and in-turn, business profits.

If you have a store that you’d like people to visit in order to make a purchase, it’s a good idea to broadcast specifically in the local area of Jacksonville. Doing this will bring in more people as they’re in the area already, meaning you’ll get a higher conversion rate, but it’ll likely cost you less money because you aren’t wanting to reach out to as many people on such a broad scale. Overall, it’ll make for a much greater ROI.

Ranwell Productions can provide superior services when using programmatic TV advertising in Jacksonville to help businesses scale up and develop their marketing campaign using:

  • Ad creation techniques
  • Professional filming
  • Optimization of campaigns to segmented customer bases
  • Strategic advert placement & broadcasting

What Is Programmatic TV Advertising

Programmatic TV advertising is an automated process where businesses are able to purchase advertising space via a platform that collects data regarding potential customers. A business can select which types of customers they’d like to reach based on age, sex, interests and locations and broadcast specifically using an advertising space that is most likely to reach those people according to their habits.

All this data is collected via mobile devices and location settings to determine where a customer is likely to be and what sort of things they want to watch, so the business can tailor an ad campaign to increase the possibility of conversion.

How Programmatic TV Advertising Works

Jacksonville is now part of the programmatic advertising network which can broadcast specifically to the local area without capturing outside interest. This means that all the customers that will see your advert will be close enough to come to your store and make a purchase, wasting less time on nationwide broadcasting which will likely convert less people due to their location.

Using this method also reduces the cost of the advert as it’s not intended to reach as many people. Doing this will actually reach more relevant customers who are more likely to convert, but will cost less money for the advertisement itself, bringing in a larger return on the investment.

This works by allowing businesses access to a demand side platform (DSP) where they can input their requirements regarding their target audience based on the products they have on offer and who they’d like to attract. The platform will use the real time data collected to determine when customers who fit these requirements will be watching a broadcast.

Alternatively, sellers of ad space can use the supply side platform (SSP) to upload data on which types of people their ad space is typically viewed by. Then the business can search for an ad space that will fit the bill.

Once an advertising space has been selected which will reach the intended audience, businesses enter into a real-time bidding platform to bid against similar businesses to obtain the space. The highest bidder will win.

This benefits the business as there’s no overspend. If the ad space is a little out of budget, you can pull out at any time and find a slightly cheaper one. It also benefits the seller of the space as they will achieve a higher income for the most valuable spaces naturally without having to negotiate.

How Ranwell Productions Deliver The Most Effective TV Advertising

Ranwell Productions is dedicated to helping businesses uncover the positives of programmatic TV advertising. Once an advert has been created and a product is ready to launch, Ranwell will help the business to determine their target audience and find advertising spaces that have previously done really well with a similar audience based on historical data.

They’ll then help the business to bid on the space and discover a sensible top-level budget based on the company’s goals.

Hopefully the business will be successful in purchasing the initial one. However, if it goes a little over budget, Ranwell’s advisors can help to understand the next best opportunity until a space fits in budget.

This is a great way to scale up a small business, as even smaller adverts will reach people who are interested if they’re targeted, so the money you put in won’t be wasted on random advertising. You’re likely to get some conversion from even a cheap advert placement, and the profits from this can be reinvested to gain a higher value ad space next time around.

How programmatic TV advertising works in San Antonio

Example Of How It Works

If someone is about to get married, their social media and browsing will probably be filled with wedding venue sites, rings and flowers. If you’re a wedding dress store in Jacksonville wishing to increase your conversion, you could narrow down their target audience to people specifically in the area who’s browsing history matches these things.

Based on location data, it’s also then easier to see what times these people are watching the TV or browsing the internet. You can even work out which TV shows they watch based on the times they’re home based on the programmatic advertising algorithm. All you need to do then is find an advertising space that captures lots of these people.

You know that they’re already looking for what you have to offer, and you know they’re in the vicinity to be able to visit your store. Therefore, it’s easier to convert them.

Scale Your TV Ads

When you’ve mastered the types of people you want to target, you can increase your target demographic at any time in order to capture more people. This might be expanding your reach to a different area or adding in more types of people to see if you can convert them too.

If you’re a small business, it’s easier to purchase a less valuable ad space with less traffic. If you get the targeting right, you’ll still convert some people, then you’ll have more money next time to aim for a higher traffic space.

The beauty of all this is that you can do everything remotely without having to negotiate advertising prices.

View Your Stats & Data

Ranwell Productions provides advice and support on understanding the reporting pack and live dashboard. This helps you to understand what’s working and what isn’t in real time. You can also take a look at how the ad spaces have previously performed to make an informed decision on which ones to go for.

The more ad space you purchase, the more data there is, so the easier it will be in the future.

Benefits Of Programmatic TV Advertising For Businesses In San Antonio

Programmatic TV Advertising has many benefits for both businesses and advertising space sellers.

Show Your Ad Only To People Who Are Interested

While traditional advertising on TV is random and usually nationwide, this can be ineffective because despite reaching more people, it’s probably reaching a ton of people that aren’t relevant.

Programmatic advertising allows businesses to capture audiences in the immediate vicinity based on location data and aim the advert specifically at people who are guaranteed to take an interest, so there’s more chance of increased conversion.

Lower Ad Spend & Greater ROI

Programmatic advertising allows businesses to spend less on marketing while actually bringing in a higher return on investment. Even though the advertising space doesn’t reach a lot of people, they’re still the right people, meaning the conversion rate is likely to be quite high. However, the cost of the ad space is based on traffic, so you’ll pay even less, earning you a much higher return on investment.


If you have a small business or you’re just starting out, it’s much easier to aim for the cheaper spaces with the most valuable customer potential, then scale up your business later based on the profits you earn on conversion. Programmatic advertising allows you to tailor your adverts to the right people on a small scale and gradually increase your audience in a more controlled way so you can scale at your own pace.

You Are In Complete Control

Because you have a real time dashboard watching the results of your advert, you can make changes remotely with the click of a button. This helps with quick fire A/B testing and can help you salvage a failing advert in minutes without having to endure long arduous marketing negotiations. You’re completely in control all the time.

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Programmatic TV advertising is an amazing way to stay in control of your marketing campaigns and aim for success by attracting the right people. If you’re interested in taking the leap, Ranwell Productions can help you along the way to discover your ideal advertising spaces and utilize essential reporting methods to gain the greatest return on your investment.

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