Ranwell Productions is a top programmatic advertising agency now opening in Jacksonville, Florida. Their aim is to help businesses to target their marketing campaigns to increase their conversion, profits and secure a better return on investment without all of the marketing negotiation hassle or guesswork.

Programmatic advertising uses data gathered from mobile devices and internet search history to categorize potential customers and understand their habits, trends and behaviors. This helps businesses to find the right people that are likely to be interested in their products and services and find advertising space which appeals to them.

This is a massive development from traditional advertising that is randomized and sent out to nations to capture more people’s attention. While programmatic advertising typically focuses on a smaller audience, they’re the right audience and are likely to make more purchases, just because they’re already looking for what you have to offer.

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is becoming the most popular form of marketing. It uses automated platforms to pull in real time data from phones and other mobile devices to understand the habits of individuals. This data is then transferred to a demand side platform (DSP).

Businesses that are interested in advertising a new product can input their requirements for their target audience based on the products they have to offer, narrowing down the search by age, sex, location and interests. The DSP will then provide a list of advertising spaces that typically see traffic that fits your requirements.

On the other hand, a supply side platform is built for the sellers of advertising space. They can input the demographic of the people who typically see their advertising space based on historical data and push this out to businesses that are looking for those types of people in order to sell the space.

Once an appropriate space has been selected, all interested businesses will bid on a real time bidding platform to secure the space. The highest bidder will win the space to advertise.

This is great for all involved as it cuts down the time and money in researching the marketing space for the business and removes the need for complex negotiation meetings for the seller. The seller will still get the right value for their space depending on how popular it is with no effort involved and the buyer can pull out at any time if the price goes over budget, so there’s no risk.

How Programmatic Advertising Works In Jacksonville

Programmatic advertising in Jacksonville uses cookies, location data and search history to understand the hobbies and interests of individuals in the Jacksonville area and pulls together set segments of people based on their behaviors.

Doing this means that businesses in Jacksonville can focus all of their marketing attention in the local area to pull in residents to their stores and showrooms to make a purchase without having to spend lots of money advertising to people who are too far away that purchasing is an impossibility.

Alternatively, if the business has a website, the same platforms can be used to tailor to areas elsewhere, so even city centre businesses can sell products meant for country life by targeting people who live in another area and encouraging them to purchase online.

What Programmatic Advertising Can Do For Your Jacksonville Based Business

Programmatic advertising in Jacksonville can really boost your conversion rate and help you to bring in more profit for less money, so you always stay in budget.

Finding Your Target Audience

You’ll already have a pretty good idea of the types of people that you want to attract into your business as you’ll be selling things that they’ll like and if you own the business, you might even sell products that you’re interested in too.

Ranwell Productions can help you place your requirements in the DSP to find other people just like you and understand which platforms they most use to view advertisements. Programmatic advertising works for TV, radio, internet and even on digital billboards, so you’re guaranteed to find a spot that pulls in a lot of your target audience.

You’ll need to look at when they see those advertisements too and decide whether you need to target local people or a wider audience. Once you know where your audience is, all you need to do is put your ad in front of them to increase your conversion.

The beauty is, if it doesn’t work out, you can monitor the interactions on a data dashboard and make amendments to your advert and its placements in real time, so you minimize any waste and save yourself masses of time too.

Saving Time And Resource

Typically, marketing will require a whole team to research the best spots to advertise and then you’ll spend an age trying to agree an appropriate price with the advertising space seller.

After that, you’ll probably spend weeks in planning to ensure everything goes smoothly and if it doesn’t, it’s already too late.

However, with programmatic advertising you don’t need a marketing team. There’s not even any research required. All of the information you need regarding ad spaces is right there in front of you on the real time dashboard. All you need to do is see how the space has performed in the past and look for your target audience.

You don’t even need to negotiate on the price as you can bid for it there and then and make changes to your ad’s placement on the day it launches remotely if it’s not working out.


Real-time bidding is the most cost-effective way to buy ad space. You don’t need to go out and negotiate with the seller as the prices are wholly dependent on how many other people wish to purchase. You also don’t need to spend a load of money in research or testing.

All you need to do is pull together your target audience based on the data and bid for the most relevant space available.

If a space is too popular, there’s no obligation to stay in the bid, so if your budget doesn’t allow, simply pull out and find an alternative.

Beneficial For The Seller

Programmatic advertising really works for the personal selling the advertising space too. It removes the need to negotiate and work out how much each ad space would be worth. There’s also no convincing people to buy the space at a higher price.

The prices are set based on how relevant that advertising spot is for each business. If it gets a lot of traffic, this normally means that it’s more valuable to businesses and will therefore achieve a higher price point, just because more people want to use it.

The spaces with less traffic will go for less money, but there’s no wastage on negotiation meetings, meaning a seller doesn’t have to put much effort in at all to sell any space.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Programmatic Advertising


How Can I Target Specific Audiences Using Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising uses data from mobile devices to understand when and where people access certain platform and what they search for. You need to consider the typical age group, sex and characteristics of your audience and input these into the DSP. Relevant advertising spaces will then just be put in front of you to bid on. Simple.

How Can I Measure My Programmatic Advertising Results?

A real-time dashboard is constantly updating search results, clickthrough’s and impressions so you can see exactly how much attention your advert is receiving in comparison to actual conversions. If you feel it isn’t getting enough traffic to click, then you can always switch up the advert or change the advertising space remotely.

How Can Programmatic Advertising Extend My Reach?

Programmatic advertising is available on all radio transmittable devices including TV, radio, and the internet. This means that you can reach a local audience or extend your reach across the globe depending on what you’re advertising. The further afield you go, the more your advert is likely to cost, but if you target your audience just right, you’ll still achieve a massive return on your investment. It beats going door to door with a leaflet.

Does Programmatic Advertising Cost a Lot?

That’s totally your choice. Advertising space is normally more expensive if it reaches more people. However, if you’re wanting to start small, you can target to a few specific people in your local area who you know will be interested, then gradually expand your reach. By then, you’ll be able to put your profits back into your marketing budget so you can grow.

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