Traditional advertising can help you top bring in people to your business and convert them to make a purchase. However, it does take a lot of trial and error and can cost a lot of money to ensure you’re reaching the right people.

Programmatic advertising is the newest way that businesses are making the most out of their marketing budget. Instead of sending out random advertisements in the hope that someone, somewhere will be interested and head over to make a purchase, programmatic advertising works to reach out to the people that will be interested in the products in the first instance, cutting down the random elements of marketing, saving money and giving a more guaranteed return on investment.

In Jacksonville, Ranwell Productions have now launched a programmatic advertising agency which aims to help local businesses to market their products to local people using customer segmentation to determine the most likely candidates to make a purchase and presenting them with an advert.

Airing your advert on the radio can be a big bust if you just launch nationwide. However, if your aim is to bring people to purchase at your store, then programmatic advertising can find you an ad space that’s specifically for Jacksonville residents, so you’re more likely to capture an audience of people who can come in and purchase.

Ranwell are specialists in the programmatic advertising field, providing services in:

  • Effective branding
  • Recording
  • Advert optimization
  • Audience targeting
  • Ad space placement and professional broadcasting

Programmatic Radio Advertising – What does it Mean?

Programmatic advertising is a method of finding the right advert placements automatically using data gathered digitally across multiple channels online and through mobile device location data.

This helps to determine where people are in the world and what their interests are so a business can market their wares specifically to the people who will want to hear about them. The algorithms collect data from various sources and can provide accurate predictions on how an ad will perform across TV, radio and internet.

How Does Programmatic Radio Advertising Work in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville now has the capability to broadcast specifically to people in the local area, meaning that businesses can target just the right people for their adverts to increase conversion.

This works by businesses inputting their desired target audience into a demand side platform (DSP). The platform then uses real time data to determine the best possible ad placements to bring in the most people that fit within that specific target audience. This may be to broadcast between specific shows that normally attract a certain type of listener.

Alternatively, a supply side platform (SSP) allows the sellers of advertising space to approach businesses by pushing forward the customer groups that typically listen when their space is live.

Once a business has selected a space which may be beneficial, they enter into a real time bidding platform that allows businesses to bid against each other for the space. The highest bidder will win and be allowed to advertise there.

This is a great way to understand exactly what you’re paying for and stay within budget. The more valuable spaces with more traffic will go for a higher amount, simply because they’re in demand. But, if you target your spaces carefully and look for a nice audience, even a space with fewer listeners will still bring you a pretty high return, as you’re advertising to people that already want the product. It’s a great way for businesses to scale up, as they can put any profits back into the marketing budget to gradually obtain more valuable space that’s still targeted towards the correct people. This is a lot more successful than a randomly broadcast ad that might not pick up that much traction.

Ranwell Productions: The Most Effective Radio Advertising

Ranwell’s real time systems and data driven algorithms give businesses the opportunity to access accurate figures regarding how each advertising space has performed in the past, so they can make predictions on what the future might hold.

The data will also give a reading on which types of people access each type of advertising space, meaning that the advert will reach the people that are most beneficial.

Ranwell Productions can help businesses create a compelling advert specifically targeted to the correct target audience, then help find the perfect placement. Once you’ve inputted all of your requirements, they can even advise on the real time bidding element to help you stay in budget and suggest alternatives if the favourite option doesn’t work out.

They’ll be there every step of the way to help you scale up using effective advertisement campaigns and will be reactive to changes to boost the return on investment.

Radio Advertising Examples

Programmatic Radio Advertising gives an accurate picture of the types of purchases that the listeners currently make and provides customer segmentation metrics to help businesses make an informed decision when placing their adverts.

If a customer is wanting to purchase a car, they’re most like to look around the local area, just because it’s easier to test drive and collect a car that’s near to them. They’ll look for deals and dealerships in the Jacksonville area.

The people wanting to purchase a car may be in the 20-50 age group. The algorithm sorts the Jacksonville people within this age bracket and can see when they’re most likely to tune in. If a car advertisement is broadcast during these times on the right channels, then the business is more likely to pull in more sales than if they sent out a random ad.

It’s not all about area though. If you’re a business selling wedding cakes, you may wish to target people who have recently searched for wedding dresses or rings as it’s clear that these people are already looking for what you have to offer.

Using this method to narrow down your search may pull up less results and reach fewer people. However, these people are the relevant ones that are already interested in the products. It’s better to reach 100 potentially interested people than 1000 people who may not be interested or are too far away to make a purchase.

Considering Scaling Up

Programmatic advertising is one of the best methods of advertising if you’re looking to scale up your business. You can see the statistics so you already know what works and what doesn’t, and you can always be reactive if something doesn’t go the way you planned. Once you know which ad spaces work for you, you can gradually scale up the audience to include more people, expanding your audience and increasing your return.

It’s the number one growth strategy for small businesses, as it doesn’t require you to go over budget to get ahead.

Assessing Your Data

Programmatic advertising comes with a real time dashboard that allows you to track your advert’s progress as it launches. This means you’ll be able to get a visual on how many people have heard your advert and track this against the conversion rate. It’ll then give you an accurate picture of how well the advert has worked without any guesswork, so you can gradually make your adverts more and more effective based on actual data.

Considering the Benefits of Programmatic Radio Advertising

Programmatic Radio Advertising in Jacksonville is the future of successful advertising!

Display Your Advert to Your Target Audience

Traditional advertising is random, meaning that you’ll purchase an advertising space that reaches a ton of people – but whether they’ll be interested or not is a total gamble. Programmatic advertising removes any guesswork or gambling and puts your advert in front of the people who are already interested based on real data. This will give you a higher return on investment, even if the space doesn’t see as much traffic.

Staying Cost-Effective – Increasing ROI

Programmatic Advertising is actually cheaper than traditional advertising as it doesn’t reach as many people. Ad spaces are priced on their value, and usually, the more people, the more valuable. However, you can still reach just as many relevant people by targeting, but not spend as much money as you’re not wasting funds on the people that you know won’t be interested.

How to Scale Up

Programmatic advertising presents the best opportunities to scale up a business. It gives you control over your budget and which ad spaces will work best for you. You could start off small with an ad space that only reaches 200 people – but these 2000 people might be valuable in comparison to the 1000 randomly reached people using a traditional ad. As you make a profit from these 200, you could find another ad space next time that works for 300 people, scaling up at a natural pace.

Staying in Control

The dashboard allows you to stay in complete control of your advert. If something goes wrong, the remote access will be able to change ad spaces and make amendments in minutes without the long wait times or assistance from a third party.


Skeeters Mesquite Grill

San Antonio testimonial for programmatic radio advertising

The Radio Ads Would Refer To Skeeters As The “Go-To” Local Based Restaurant For Mesquite Grill

The Radio Ads Alone Resulted In A 48% Increase In Sales Within The 1st Year

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Programmatic advertising could be the way forward for your business. It’ll help you to stay within your budget, while developing a higher return and allowing the opportunity to scale up your business.

Ranwell Productions could help you to understand the data and make suggestions based on experience so you can create successful adverts to aid your growth journey.

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