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Ranwell Productions, Orlando, are a brand-new Programmatic advertising agency focusing on digital billboard advertising. They help businesses to target their audiences and utilize new advertising methods to increase conversion and profits and drive traffic to their business from the local area.

Ranwell specializes in:

  • Advertisement creation
  • Advert optimization to reach a target audience
  • Advert placement based on real data

What is Programmatic Digital Billboard Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising using a digital billboard is a much more popular and successful method of advertising in today’s society than traditional billboard advertising. It creates an opportunity for local businesses in Orlando to market their brands to local people and reach the correct target audience that will be interested in their products.

The concept uses people’s mobile cookie data to segment customers into particular groups depending on a range of factors, including sex, age, hobbies and interests. The location data also shows where each of these types of people is likely to be on any given day. Meaning if you’d like to target coffee lovers with a new brand of coffee, then a billboard outside a coffee shop where those people frequent will be the best way to reach the most people who will already be interested in the product on offer.

Targeting Your Ad to Specific Geographical Areas of Orlando.

Ranwell Productions now has access to tons of digital billboards across the Orlando area. They can help you reach out to the people that you know will be interested in your products or services, based on their locations and cookie data. This helps you to position your ads where the most convertible people will see them across the city.

People who are commuting to work in the morning are most likely to see digital billboards at the side of the road. This might be a great place to advertise breakfasts or coffee to entice people into local establishments as they pass.

Selecting the right location for your ads will allow you to maximize your chances of converting the audience to make a purchase, or bring them into a local shop or showroom, increasing your return on investment, as your ad is placed in the best place to reach the right people, rather than being randomized and available for people who aren’t likely to purchase.

How Programmatic Digital Advertising works in Orlando. Shouldn’t this be Billboard?

Digital billboard advertising is the future. While traditional billboards served a purpose for a time, there are lots of issues with their use, including the need to continuously print posters, employee people to deliver and put them up and essentially randomly placing them in the hope that your posters will catch the eye of the right people.

Digital billboards solve all of these problems. Firstly, they allow for businesses to target their customers based on real time data gathered from mobile devices in the area. They also allow for mistakes to be corrected on advertisements remotely. This means that if an ad isn’t quite working out, the business can make amendments and changes and track the performance via a remote dashboard.

It also saves on time and money when it comes to printing and hanging posters, as they can be controlled from a distance and don’t show wear and tear from the weather like a poster would do.

Studies show that moving adverts and TV screens also attract the attention of passers-by much more easily than a static image due to the importance of technology within society today. For all of these reasons, digital billboards are a much more viable, beneficial and cost-effective method of marketing for most businesses.

Digital Billboard Advertising Statistics.

Digital billboard advertising is taking over the advertising world with increasingly unique and innovative adverts with the use of 3D video content. Based on recent statistics, these changes make the audience feel more involved and are more successful in converting people to make a purchase, simply because the content is memorable.

  • 82% of people in Orlando remembered an ad because it was on a billboard.
  • 65% agree that digital billboards are the future of advertising.
  • 61% of people in Orlando think that digital billboards actually work.
  • 22% admit that they have purchased something after seeing a billboard ad.
  • 71% of people think billboard ads are more noticeable than ads online.

Scale Your Digital Billboard Ads.

Scaling up your business is easier using digital billboard ads. This is because Programmatic Advertising allows you to purchase advertising space which is beneficial for your business and pay an amount that you find affordable, even if you’re a small business or a start-up.

The beauty of programmatic advertising is that you can use real time data to determine the best possible position for your advertisement and make changes along the way. You’ll bid for the best spaces against other businesses in a similar field to your own and can pull out of the bid if you feel the price is getting too high.

This means you can bid as much or as little as you like and tailor the ads for less valuable spaces so that they reach the right people. The more people looking at your ad and converting to make a sale, the more you can spend on the next ad, making it easier to scale up your business.

Cost Of Your Digital Billboard Ads in Orlando.

Right now, it’s around 25 cents for approximately 1000 impressions in Orlando. That means you’ll capture the eyes of 1000 people walking past for just 25 cents. Meaning billboard advertising is one of the cheapest methods to attract a local audience.

If you manage to select a billboard that’s just in the right position, then you could be lucky and have 5% of those people coming to your store to make a purchase. That’s 50 purchases for just 25 cents creating a huge return on investment so you can scale up even faster.

Benefits Programmatic Digital Billboard Advertising.


High Visibility and Effectiveness.

Digital billboards are designed to be eye-catching and draw in the audience. They’re more effective than poster type billboards, just because movement and bright colors work to attract people to new branding and products.

A digital billboard also works really well for local businesses, as they can make sure they’re grabbing the attention of local people who are in the vicinity and able to visit the showroom or store.

Simple to Edit Campaign.

With traditional billboard advertising, you would need to employ someone to fit your posters and repair them when they become weather damaged. The editing process is also long winded, as you’d have to go through the process of reprinting. However, with digital billboards, the process is totally remote. You can make quick amendments at the touch of a button and see how your changes affect your customers in real time. Plus, you save money on maintenance!

Fast Way to Get Your Message in Front of a Mass Targeted Audience.

Because of the remote process, you can get an advert in front of your customer base almost immediately and changes can be made along the way. It’s the fastest way to reach your market without having to go through the long-laborious design and print processes.

Total Control of Your Ad.

The dashboard that comes alongside your demand side platform when you bid for a programmatic advertising space, allows you to access information about the current performance of your advert. If you notice that you’re not getting much traction after a week of your ad being in that space, you can easily switch to another time of day or week based on your audience’s habits, or even switch to a different location with your billboard ad to see if that performs a little better.


billboard ad testimonial

Billboard Ad Increased Online Searches & Revenue For Byblos Café By More Than 200%

“As soon as my billboard went live business immediately started to increase, I firmly believe that the billboard ads helped my restaurant and caterer’s business grow.”

… Joe Khraim

billboard ad testimonial

The Success Achieved FromBillboard Ads Has Transformed Remax’s Business

“Over the years I’ve spent millions of on all sorts of media to get my message and bran out there nothing has made me an overnight and that celebrity like billboards have.”

… Rob Dekanski

billboard ad testimonial

Running The Billboard Ads Resulted In a 60% increase in customers

“We decided to use billboards during the hurricane season to promote our hurricane proof windows we asked all our customers how they have heard of us and almost all of them say that they’ve seen our billboards”

… Tom Milol

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