Programmatic TV Advertising means you can broadcast your TV ad specifically to people within the Houston area and not only this, but you are also able to target your broadcast to individuals who are interested in your products or services within the Houston area.

Making the cost of this type of advertising considerably lower than regular TV advertising because you will be able to specifically target your audience and have a realisable focus on giving rise to an exceedingly profitable ROI.

This ensures that the cost of advertising will be considerably lower than that of regular TV advertising for the reason that you will be specifically targeting your audience with a realistic focus on bringing about a decidedly successful ROI.

Ranwell productions is a superior Programmatic TV advertising agency, and we offer this service throughout Houston. Being ideally placed to provide any or all the following services: –

  • Ad Creation
  • Ad Filming
  • Ad Optimization To Your Targeted Demographics
  • Ad Placement & Broadcast

What Is Programmatic TV Advertising

Programmatic TV advertising is a process for buying tv ads which is automated. Meaning digitally and automatically TV ads can be positioned covering any device that is able to receive digital TV.

Including mobile devices, lap and desktop computers, along with internet connected TVs and set-top boxes.

How Programmatic TV Advertising Works

Houston is 100% integrated with a wide-ranging framework to broadcast and receive extremely select TV advertising to a tailored specific audience.

Using artificial intelligence algorithmic technology, the TV ads are placed. This technology recognises prospects interests and actions via DPS (demand side platforms). These platforms gather highly targeted data and demographic information from connected website cookie data. The DSPs supply abundant degrees of pertinent data that become processed by an SSP (supply side platform) which analyses the supplied data.

How Ranwell Productions Deliver The Most Effective TV Advertising

The SSP feeds to us the collected data and in turn our system then processes the demographics and ad requirements which are specific to your business. We can then adapt your ad campaign matching it to your target audience.

As soon as this measure is established, and your TV ad is ready to roll you can then put forward a bid for your ad to run from your dashboard on our Programmatic TV Advertising Platform. Then your bid will be along with any other business that are also bidding for a similar or the same demographics (that is if there are others bidding in your space). Once a winning bid is established the successful bidder will have their TV ad broadcast to their select audience.

How programmatic TV advertising works in San Antonio

Example Of How It Works

Shall we say that a couple are expecting a baby? The data sources will become aware of their internet activity. The couple for example may search for baby relevant material and merchandise and are likely to post on social networking sites. This information will then be gathered via the Programmatic Tv Advertising algorithm which would then be able to deliver ads formed from this knowledge.

Say a baby clothing and paraphernalia store in Houston advertised using our services on the Programmatic TV network. This stores TV advert would subsequently be aired on the TV throughout Houston and would run many times on the couples TV.

The ad would also be aired to others in the Houston region who had a comparable online behaviour/interest profile. Clearly this advert would be seen by far less viewers than a regular nationwide TV advert. Nevertheless, this ad will be extremely targeted meaning the spend on advertising would have a far higher ROI (return on investment) likelihood.

Scale Your TV Ads

Initially when you set up your TV ad you can work with a scaled down budget as you ascertain how effective the advert is. Your ad or the demographic itself can then be adjusted as needed with the aim of achieving even better performance and ROI.

As soon as you have ascertained which is the most successful ad and criteria you can escalate the ad and improve your yield and scope as necessary.

View Your Stats & Data

Ranwell Productions will furnish you with a comprehensive reporting -back, end dashboard. This allows you to discern how the ad is functioning and the amount of people to have viewed the advert. Your data ad specifics and demographic criteria can also be seen.

Benefits Of Programmatic TV Advertising For Businesses In San Antonio

With Programmatic TV Advertising being the being the future of not only local, but nationwide advertising there are some astounding advantages for your own business with this model of advertising.

Show Your Ad Only To People Who Are Interested

With standard TV advertising the ad gets shown to anybody. Not everyone however is interested in the ad content. This is a very expensive route. Regular TV advertisers broadcast to millions of viewers most of whom have no interest in the brand, service or product being aired. However, with Programmatic TV Advertising you can broadcast to a hand-picked set of selected people meaning fewer targeted people, but a higher ROI.

Lower Ad Spend & Greater ROI

You will be broadcasting to a significantly lower number of people therefore your ad expense will be considerably less. Let’s say there are 100 people and only a percent of these are interested in your product or service, with Programmatic TV Advertising you would only pay for that one person rather than paying for the 100 as you would with regular TV advertising with 99 of those not having any interest in the product and not wanting to buy the product or service. A smaller spend on advertising with a higher take in adds up to a significantly higher ROI probability.


Picture your initial ad campaign functioning and you are achieving a 3x return on your ad expense with only a trial fund. With our Programmatic TV Advertising platform, you have the ability to increase as much as suits you. If you have a target of a 100 strong audience a day and are making 3x ROI, you may wish to increase this to 1,000 or 10,000 for example. That would have a dramatic effect on your business income and profits.

You Are In Complete Control

During your campaign you can pause, stop or scale according to your needs. Or you can change any demographic data in your ads drive. If you have total control over your campaign, you can visualise where you are moving rather than as with standard TV advertising where you have blind advertising.

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