Traditional radio advertising works by reaching out to as many people as possible in the hope that some of those individuals will want to make a purchase. Sometimes it does work. However, businesses can spend a lot of money on testing different campaigns before they begin to see any kind of return on investment.

With programmatic radio advertising, you can tailor your advertising campaign to a specific target audience. This will make the advert cheaper and will also reach the types of people that you already know will be interested in what you have to offer.

Ranwell Productions is a brand-new Programmatic Advertising agency launching in Miami, Florida. They help businesses to determine which advertising spaces are best to pull in the right people to their business and can provide real-time data to support the campaign, so the business knows what’s effective and what isn’t.

The use of Programmatic Advertising allows businesses to use cookie data to understand their customer base, their interests and their browsing habits so more relevant ads can be shown at the times that the audience is watching.

Ranwell can also help businesses to tailor their marketing campaigns to suit their audience by capturing just the people that will be interested and using location data to display the ad in their location specifically. For example, if you have a store or showroom and it’s your intention to bring in

more custom, then you may only want to deliver your advert to people in Miami, as going further afield is unlikely to gain much traction.

Ranwell specialize in:

  • Professional Branding and Ad Creation
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  • Audience Segmentation and Targeting
  • Placement Determination & Purchasing

Programmatic Radio Advertising – What does it Mean?

Programmatic advertising is one of the most successful forms of marketing, giving businesses the opportunity to access real time data regarding successful advertising spaces based on the activity, trends and hobbies of a target audience. It allows companies to track their audience and understand exactly when and where the best advertising spots will be to capture their attention, which could lead to increased conversion.

It’s also a method of tailoring marketing resources. A business can narrow down to a smaller number of people, but those people are likely to be more relevant than a random ad reach. This makes the advert cheaper, but is also more likely to increase your conversion, giving you a much higher return on your investment.

How Does Programmatic Radio Advertising Work in Miami?

Ranwell Productions now has the capability to introduce programmatic advertising so that businesses can market their products specifically to the Miami area, allowing them to bring in relevant traffic. This means that more people in the immediate area will see the advert and will be enticed to visit stores and showrooms to make a purchase. The limited audience will also mean that businesses don’t need to spend massive amounts of money to cover the larger area. The smaller audience means reduced costs, but it’s still more likely to increase conversion more effectively.

This is a massive shift from traditional advertising, where adverts are typically broadcast randomly nationwide. They may potentially capture and convert some people if you’re lucky, but because the audience isn’t tailored to the people that are already interested in your field, it’s a case of luck.

Ranwell Productions can use the most up to date algorithmic technology to create an accurate picture of the interests and hobbies of the local Miami residents using their cookie data and other information pulled from mobile devices and internet connections. From this, they’ll be able to see which types of people tune in to access specific advertising spaces at specific times of the day.

The data is released to businesses from a supply side platform (SSP). Meaning that sellers of advertising space can approach businesses that they feel would suit the audience that typically accesses their space. Or, alternatively, the demand side platform allows the business to put in specific requirements regarding their target audience and pulls up potential spaces that might be a good fit.

Once an advertising space has been found that fits the bill, any businesses that are interested in using it will be able to bid against each other on a real-time bidding platform. This allows the sellers of ad space to make money without having to negotiate and also allows the business to drop out of the bidding war if they feel the cost is climbing too high, so they never go over their budget.

The highest bidder will win the space and get to display their advert there.

Ranwell Productions: The Most Effective Radio Advertising

Ranwell’s platforms are specifically designed to make the lives of marketing departments and advertising space sellers easier. They work by utilizing the data from an ad space’s past successes to determine how it will perform for certain businesses in the future. The more people that use programmatic advertising, the more accurate the data will be, improving the marketing space for all businesses.

These changes in technology also allow you to make changes to the outcome of the ad. You might want to bring people into a store or direct them to making purchases online. The data that you’ve collected regarding the target audience will be able to tell you which one of these scenarios is most likely, giving you the ability to pull in more people.

Ranwell Productions allows you to create a fully tailored marketing solution, taking into account your long-term goals and ensuring successful conversion. You’ll be able to view a fully interactive dashboard to track the performance of your advertisements in real-time and make changes remotely to create more opportunities where required. You’ll be presented with helpful analytics to flag up successes and failures and carry out effective A/B testing without the hassle of redesigning.

Once you’ve found an ad space that works for you, Ranwell will help you to bid on this to secure the space against other advertisers. If the space goes a little outside your budget, don’t worry, Ranwell experts can also advise you on the next best option to help you capture more interest until you have a little more money to use. It’s an excellent way to scale up that doesn’t cost the earth.

Radio Advertising Examples

Programmatic Radio Advertising provides reporting based on the common interests and search history of users. This will show businesses what their intended audience wants to see and where they want to see it, helping to attract a specific type of customer using a certain ad space.

For example, if a wedding dress store in Miami wished to reach out to potential customers, they might want to target people within the Miami area – as you’d need to go in to try a dress on.

Approaching people outside this radius wouldn’t secure much traction, even if they did need a dress, as the people seeing it might be too far away.

Secondly, the store would need to look for people who are already searching for wedding venues and floral arrangements. This shows that they’re interested in the field, as they’re clearly already planning a wedding.

Now, all that’s left is to find an ad space in Miami that these particular types of people see. Once you’ve found something that fits the bill perfectly, you’re more likely to secure a higher conversion.

Advertising this way typically means that you’ll have a limited reach. However, you can actually guarantee that the people you are reaching are interested in what you have to offer. While a random ad might reach 10,000 people, using programmatic advertising might only reach 200 people. However, there’s a chance that you’ll still secure the same amount of order due to the people you’re reaching and because the targeted ad is physically seen by less people, it’ll be much more budget friendly and secure a higher return on investment.

Consider Scaling Up

Programmatic Advertising has a ton of benefits, but one of the main ones is that it provides the ability to easily scale up. Especially if you’re a smaller business. You’ll be able to narrow down your target audience to a select few people who you already know will be interested in your products. This means that you have a higher chance of conversion, even with an advertising space that isn’t as valuable or popular. When these few people make a purchase, you can then use your profits to aim a little higher and purchase ad space that reaches a few more people, gradually growing your businesses through marketing without ever going over budget.

Assessing Your Data

With Programmatic Advertising you’re able to assess your data in real time. This means you can see analytics on how your ad space has performed in regard to traffic before you purchased, understand how many people are accessing your ad now and compare against previous ads that you’ve run. If you find that something isn’t quite going to plan, then you can make any changes remotely. You’ll be able to change your ad space or upload a completely new ad to see if that one fairs a little better, eliminating all the guesswork.

Considering the Benefits of Programmatic Radio Advertising

Programmatic Radio Advertising is the future of marketing!

Displaying Your Advert to Your Target Audience

While traditional adverts are randomized and tend to go out nationwide, programmatic advertising allows you to place your advert specifically in front of those people that will be most interested. You’ll be able to target your audience based on location, sex, age, interests and hobbies all discovered by using their cookies and search history. This guarantees a cheaper advert that’s going to reach the people you want to convert.

Staying Cost-Effective – Increasing ROI

Marketing on a limited budget can be tough. However, programmatic advertising leaves behind all the complex negotiations and allows you to bid on valuable advertising spaces that will work for your business. If the cost becomes too high, there’s no obligation to continue. However, aiming for lower value spaces can also be beneficial if you’re targeting your ad to a specific audience – you’ll be paying less and earning more!

How to Scale Up

Programmatic Advertising platforms allow you to monitor your progress the whole way through. This means you’ll gain a greater understanding of what works and what doesn’t, so you can aim for the more valuable ad spaces gradually and build up your success.

Staying in Control

One of the awesome things about Programmatic Advertising is that you have all the stats right there in front of you. You can make changes when you want to and even change the location of your ad. It gives you full control over your advert’s destiny and doesn’t cost any time or money to make edits when something isn’t working as everything is right there in front of you.


Skeeters Mesquite Grill

San Antonio testimonial for programmatic radio advertising

The Radio Ads Would Refer To Skeeters As The “Go-To” Local Based Restaurant For Mesquite Grill

The Radio Ads Alone Resulted In A 48% Increase In Sales Within The 1st Year

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